Forthcoming / In Progress

Book chapter (w/ Nicholas H. Smith): “‘Cruelty is the worst thing we do’: Rorty, Democracy, and Higher Education”, The Shadow Side of the University: Philosophical Readings of Contemporary Higher Education, ed. Áine Mahon. Under contract with Springer. Due Dec 2020.

Book chapter: “Feminism, Populism, and the Alt Right”, Routledge Handbook on Feminist Bioethics, ed. Stacy Carter, Vikki Entwistle, Catherine Mills, Wendy Rogers, and Jackie Leach Scully. Under contract with Routledge. Due Jan 2021.

Journal article: “Pragmatism, Language Games, and the Philippine Drug War”

Book chapter (w/ Nicholas H. Smith): “Rorty, Pragmatism, and Populism” (invited submission; abstract submitted)

Public philosophy essay: “In/Visible Brown Babes” (synthesis), Brown Babe’s Burden 2020, Filipino Women Doing Philosophy (Oct 2020). American Philosophical Association – Black Issues in Philosophy.