In Preparation

Manuscript: Outgrowing Modern Nihilism (proposal out for review)

The book makes a new contribution to the philosophical debate around nihilism. It challenges the orthodox way of thinking about nihilism as a problem that human culture must “overcome” and offers an alternative response to nihilism as a problem to be “outgrown.” In presenting this strategy for dealing with nihilism, the book draws on an interpretation of Richard Rorty’s writings. First, it reconstructs Rorty’s work on redemption and egotism to reveal how nihilism could be averted. Second, it shows how nihilism could be outgrown by developing pragmatic structures of meaning based on Rorty’s concepts of contingency, irony, and solidarity.

Journal Article: “Ethnocentrism, Egotism, and Intellectual Humility”

Journal Article: “Irony and Intellectual Humility”