My name is Dr. Tracy Llanera and I am a Filipino scholar in philosophy. My research lies at the intersection of philosophy of religion and social and political philosophy. My work engages new ways of thinking about nihilism and ethics in contemporary life. My project on nihilism challenges the traditional view that human culture should overcome the malaise of nihilism. In contrast, I argue that it should outgrow the cultural problem of nihilism. My research on ethics in social and political life engages Richard Rorty’s concepts of egotism and self-enlargement as useful tools in a liberal democracy. I plan to take this research toward the direction of virtue theory.

Teaching-wise, I am affiliated with Macquarie University, Australia and teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the Department of Philosophy and Department of Anthropology. Research-wise, I am a research fellow at the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute (Humility & Conviction in Public Life), United States this Fall 2017. I will then serve as a visiting research fellow at the School of Politics, Philosophy, International Relations and Environment at Keele University, United Kingdom in Winter 2018. I will attend The American Philosophical Association‘s Pacific Division Meeting in San Diego, California as part of The Richard Rorty Society panel in 28 March – 1 April 2018.

My Ph.D. in Philosophy was awarded by Macquarie University in April 2016.

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