tl-photo-1I am Tracy Llanera and I am a Filipino philosopher.

I am an Assistant Research Professor at the Department of Philosophy, University of Connecticut. I am also affiliated with the UConn Asian and Asian American Studies Institute as research faculty. My research interests lie at the intersection of social and political philosophy, philosophy of religion, pragmatism, and social epistemology.

I was a Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Politics, Philosophy, International Relations and Environment at Keele University, United Kingdom (Spring 2018). I was also a Research Fellow at the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute (Humility & Conviction in Public Life), United States last Fall 2017. I have taught graduate and undergraduate courses at the University of Connecticut (United States), Macquarie University (Australia), and the University of Santo Tomas (Philippines).

My Ph.D. in Philosophy was awarded by Macquarie University in 2016.

Charlie Barley, my beloved


My Philosopher’s Zone interview is up! Using Richard Rorty’s pragmatism, I talk about how militant religious language is being used to justify President Duterte’s authoritarian regime and the ongoing extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. You can listen to the interview by clicking the link.

“The Brown Babe’s Burden” is now out in Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy.

The article “Pragmatist Transcendence in Rorty’s Metaphilosophy”, co-authored with Nicholas Smith, will appear in Analyse & Kritik’s special issue on Richard Rorty.

My paper “‘The Law of the Land has God’s Anointing — Rorty on Language, Religion, and Politics” will appear in Pragmatism Today‘s special issue on Rorty and American Politics.

“Disavowing Hate: Group Egotism from Westboro to the Klan” has been accepted for publication and will appear in the Journal of Philosophical Research.

Book contract with Routledge signed! I’ll be co-writing A Philosophical Defence of Nihilism with James Tartaglia. But before that, we’ll be penning our respective monographs: mine is entitled Outgrowing Modern Nihilism (Palgrave Macmillan), and James’s new book is Gods and Titans: Philosophy in a Technological World (Bloomsbury).

I’ve been invited to be part of a workshop entitled “Truth versus the Rhetoric of Truth: Authority, Realism, and Power” at the University of Oslo in June 2019. First time in Norway!

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