Dr. Tracy Llanera

IMG_6812I am Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Connecticut, with links to the UConn Asian and Asian American Studies Institute (AAASI) and the UConn Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program (WGSS).

I am affiliated as an Adjunct Research Fellow with the Notre Dame Institute for Ethics & Society (Sydney, Australia), where I was employed as a Research Fellow from 2020-2021. I was a Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Politics, Philosophy, International Relations and Environment at Keele University, United Kingdom (Spring 2018). I was also a Research Fellow at the UConn Humanities Institute (Humility & Conviction in Public Life), United States last Fall 2017. I have taught graduate and undergraduate courses at the University of Connecticut (United States), Macquarie University (Australia), and the University of Santo Tomas (Philippines).

Contact: tracy.llanera@uconn.edu or tracy.llanera@gmail.com

Charlie Barley, my beloved

News: “Pragmatism, Language Games, and the Philippine Drug War” is now available open-access at Philosophy and Global Affairs.

Here is an essay on the APA Public Philosophy blog, where I argue that human resilience is ambivalent and should neither be uncritically celebrated nor rejected. I also talk about what it’s like to be a “resilient” Filipina philosopher in the academic contexts of the Global North and in the Philippines.

I have been interviewed / cited (as a philosopher working on nihilism) in a New York Times feature about the treat culture and the global pandemic!

Interview with Tracy Llanera, I am an American Philosopher Series – Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy, Mar 2022.

My article “The Misogyny Paradox and the Alt-Right” will appear in Hypatia.

My essay “Beautiful feminists? Or plain hypocrites? On Simone de Beauvoir and Manon Garcia” is now out in Beyond the Ghetto: Women Doing Philosophy. Sep 2021.

Nick Smith and I co-wrote an essay in Open for Debate (Cardiff) on the culture of egotism in universities, inspired by the work of Rorty and Dewey.

0I’m leading a project titled The Brown Babe’s Burden and the Global Pandemic with members of Women Doing Philosophy. Our aim is to produce the first edited collection of writings by Filipina philosophers, for inclusion in the Routledge Book Series on the Post-COVID World: Academics, Politics and Society in early 2023. I’ll serve as the editor of this book.